February 8, 2012

Knowledge vs. Admiration

I just had the weirdest dream. I woke up in the morning today with a vague image of Hrithik Roshan in my head. Reason - He was "in" my dream.

No, we were not deserted on a distant island like in "Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai"! No, we were not singing songs for each other ! And definitely, we were not deeply and madly in love with each other ! :-D

Before you go about assuming all possibilities into this dream, let me tell you it was nothing great. Because his whole family was in the dream too. :P

As it occurs normally, I didn't recollect the entire sequence of the dream. I don't know why I was in his house with his family in the first place. I want to say it was because I always wanted to appear along side him in a dance competition, but I dare not ! :)

Like a house guest or a visitor, I remember staying with his family at his home, which was rather decked down and small for an actor in Mumbai. I looked around to see the interiors of his home and clearly was not impressed. His two sons were running around, playing in the house and his wife was ... well... I remember her just being there. While I still stood there tracing the links back to my existence at that moment, my alarm went off and it was time to get up. I woke up on my bed, on a normal weekday with work and lots of things lined up ahead of me.

Although I was confused on the dream, it definitely left several questions in my mind.

Of all the great people and actors I look up to and who inspire me, why did I dream of Hrithik Roshan ?

- Am I a secret admirer ?
It's not possible because I have never been a big fan of his acting. Like every actor, I like him a normal amount. He is definitely handsome, strives to be physically fit, has average acting skills and without a doubt, of the current lot, stands out as the most outrageous & accomplished dancer.

- Did I watch any of his movies yesterday, which left some thoughts back in my sub-conscious mind ?
No, that didn't happen as well. I watched his 'Agneepath' more than 2 weeks ago. Now, I have not watched the Amitabh-starrer "Agneepath", but it definitely has to be incomparable to this one. I ended up liking Sanjay Dutt's villian performance (as Kancha) more than Hrithik's hero performance (as Vijay) :P

- What's with this adulation & obsession ?
Even though times are changing, I believe there are still a fairly larger amount of people who would love to know more about star gossip than real world news. In my terms, someone who appreciates a person's performance & his/her work, looks forward to some great movies & enjoys the entertainment, has to be a genuine fan. Striving to know every update of the person, encroaching on the personal details & later pondering on the events if they are the best or worst for the person, inquisitive to know what he/she wore for their wedding & where they spent their honeymoon, is not a part of being a fan.

True, we have all been there before - loving, hating, fantasizing or extra-admiring an actor to a greater extent with photos, interviews and what not. But, over time, we need to ask ourselves - Is it worth it ? Is it required ?

There was a time in my life when I had a favorite actor, a favorite actress, countless photo collections and gossip catch up. Till 8 months ago, reading the local newspaper meant picking out the Entertainment plus for spicy updates. But everytime, the same question popped up in my mind - "Is this piece of information helpful to me ?" Now, I hardly visit or search about latest tinsel town's news, I spend more time enjoying the show and loving the characters of the plot. 

Tell me what you feel. Had the definition of fan-admiration changed over the years ?

I came across this advertisement a month ago and loved it. Don't you think it brings out the true knowledge levels in some of us ? Take a look and tell me how you fared. :) I got 5 of the 8 questions right :P

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