February 5, 2012

Foto Fridays - Week 3

Sharks @ Newport Aquarium, Kentucky

Gallons of water, vibrant colors, exquisite sounds and a fishy smell :p surrounded us as LP and I visited the local aquarium with the Fast Friends gang today.

Jelly fish
Aquarium visits are interesting. Walk around in twists and twirls, stare at the beautiful creatures, gather a fact here, touch a fish there and finally you exit with a big smile on your face. :) God's creations which, you can never believe, exist in the same world as you in a far-away sea or in a nearby pond/lake.

 Mickey mouse meets penguin :)

Penguin land

The visit made me nostalgic and I traveled back in time to reminisce some of the other few aquariums I have visited. Posting some of those moments here -  

Jelly Fish @ Sentosa Island Aquarium,
London Aquarium

Finding Nemo :)

And on a funny but certainly not a demeaning note, LP and I had once been to Mussoorie, Dehradun where we were offered free tickets to the nearby aquarium as part of the hotel package. Excited and curious to know about the different species preserved in a hill-station, we were stunned when our visit started at the entrance of the building leading to a short corridor and ended at the end of the walk. :-D

And it was then that we looked at the pass and realized the ticket was afterall only Rs. 5.... Hee hee ! ;) 

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