February 24, 2012

Foto Fridays - Week 6

As children, we have played lots of games - hide-and-seek, blind man's bluff, den, catching catch, red letter, dumb charades, UNO and what not.

And then there are the board games - Ludo, backgammon, snake-and-ladder, checkers, roulette, bingo, carrom... I can keep going all day. In fact, I am playing a game right now as you read this. The game is, not recalling my favorite game, but instead it is which games do I re-collect the most and can relate to my childhood days.

Board games like Monopoly and Scrabble, and card games like UNO and regular playing cards ruled my house back then. I don't re-collect the memory of who bought / gifted them to me and my kid-brother, H, but the unforgettable memory is how much fun we had. The whole family - Amma, Appa, mama, mami, H and I - would scream "UNO" till late night while Thatha (my grandpa) would prepare to retire for the night & leave occassional reminders for us to sleep too. No one listened to him though ;)

Ten years ago, the games stopped. Studies, job, dance, ups-and-downs, family and what not has been ruling my life since then. The only game played in these years must be carrom with the Oceans' 16 gang on Saturdays, to while away the time during bunked lectures. ;-D

But I never dreamt I would get a chance to re-live my childhood memories again. A stroll down the family games aisle at the local Walmart one day & there I was, missing my childhood and most importantly, my brother H :(

With the winter spell going on, LP and I eagerly look forward for weekends - not to go out but to visit the Fast Friends and play games. Monopoly and playing cards rule the roost now. I have learnt 2 new card games - 28 and Bluff :) From London streets - Mayfair Avenue, Piccadilly Square & Oxford Street, the lingo has now changed to US Avenues - Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens, Illinois Avenue.

T. G. I. F. :)

Let's play !
So, tell me, which game helps you to trace back to your childhood days ?
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