February 14, 2012

Do you celebrate Valentines' Day ?

Did friends & relatives ask what were your plans for today ?

Every year, I have at least a few people asking me this question. Comparing thoughts I read today on another blog, I would like to know your take on this.

What's your thoughts about celebrating love on Feb 14th every year ?
Should there be a special day to say all those things you missed telling till now ?
What do you prefer - a single day of celebration or a life-long celebration ? :)

- I feel it's a nice idea to commemorate a day for love. This doesn't mean, you don't have to spend time with that someone special on the other 364 days. It's just a way to help set the mood.

- Special moments can be anytime & anywhere. A special day should only mean, saying all that you wanted to say in addition. :)

- I prefer a life-long celebration always. But the single day of celebration can definitely be a day to celebrate it in a "different" way.

Happy Valentines' Day ! :) 
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