April 25, 2015

Vows #AtoZChallenge

“Life has been beautiful. Why wouldn’t it be? Because I always had you. My companion, soul mate and anchor. Your support sailed me through the hardest of struggles. Your encouragement made me what I am today. Your constant concern saw to it that I never have to worry about anything. 

Even when life took away the people I love - my father, mother or those close to me than my heart, I always knew I could fall back on your shoulders for comfort. I knew I could rest my head on your shoulders and feel at peace.

You have never been like the others. Not only did you truly care about me and our family, you always stood for us… along with us.

The vows that we took during our wedding will always stand proof of our love for each other.

We promised to be there for each other. In sickness and in health. Until death parts us. 

What those vows taught me was everlasting. They gave me a lifetime worth of love.

What they didn’t prepare me for was - today. Nobody prepared me to face this day. Not my parents, not my loved ones, not even you.

So what am I to do now ? How am I to reconcile to this fact ? To the truth that I am now "alone"

I can only visualize you in my thoughts from here on and that very thought crushes me. 

If life gave me another chance, I vow I would call you back instantly. To go over our wedding vows again with you all over again. 

I vow to forever rest my head on your shoulders again and smile.

I vow to never let you go…”

Note : A special someone has passed away from my life today and it just goes to prove time and again that - “Relations aren't built by blood alone”.

Today’s post is a piece of fiction written as a tribute to the one surviving without the other. It has been truly hard to write this. 

**This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.**

**My theme for the A-Z April Challenge is "26 Days of Eloquent Writing".**

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  1. That's a perfect vow! Spellbound at the honesty in the words!

  2. So sorry for your loss and I agree with you there..relations are not just build on blood..Living without the significant other must be so hard. I can't even imagine. My heart goes out to that person..

  3. It's difficult when someone loved and cherished leaves us forever. We wish for one moment with them again, to speak, to feel, to love them but that moment has gone forever.

  4. This post brought a tear to my eye. My heart goes out to that person who lost their significant other. I am sorry for your loss, EM. Stay strong.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  5. Living without the love of your life can be so devastating and tough! This made my heart heavy!
    Sorry for your loss, EM. Hugs!

  6. I felt a pain reading this. Being alone and to keep the love intact! Powerful!