August 29, 2014 - The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Ok, so it's shopping time. Excited? :) Who isn't, right? But hold on.

If I asked you what's the worst thing about shopping, what would you say ? I know what I would say.

1) Leaving the comforts of your home - True. Let's face it now - after a full day of shopping I get tired from all the walking around, the lugging of heavy bags and no comfortable pit-stop till I reach back home.

2) Lack of good prices - You know, sometimes I wonder if there was ever a shop where people could get everything they wanted for unbelievable prices without having to spend hours searching for that perfect vendor or walk all over the place looking for a perfect price. Unfortunately that place exists only in my head. :p

3) Battling the weather conditions - It's called a shopping spree for a reason. :-D If you had to battle the sveltering heat or muddy rains to just reach your favorite shop only to find the thing you were looking for is out-of-stock, would you still like it. I know I wouldn't. Not pretty.

In the recent years, thanks to the internet and online-retailers, shopping has taken a different meaning altogether. It surprised me when my friends chose online shopping. I mean, how do you even shop "online" for clothes or cosmetics? My doubts were put to rest when I came across Jabong.

It's a smart, easy and fun way to shop from the comforts of your home for great prices with wide varieties of choices. Jabong offers you this and much more.

Recently, I decided to feel the experience myself and I wasn't disappointed. 

For starters, their website - is so easy to traverse and to search products that half of your shopping stress is reduced right at the start.

They offer a wide range of products for men and women.

On selecting my product, the payment and confirmation procedures were a cake-walk. All I had to do was 
  • Choose the appropriate payment method (which, by the way, can be one of the following - Netbanking, Credit card or Debit card)
  • Review my order and delivery date
  • Confirm my purchase
The best part came after the procedure was completed. I received an email and an SMS confirming my payment, order details and the expected date of delivery (which was a week later owing to the pincode where I stay). So there it was. All the information I needed at one place in an easy manner. :)

Jabong provides an easy tracking system which tracks the delivery of your product from the onset of online purchase.

One more thing that impressed me was that even though the expected date of delivery for my product was a week later, I received an SMS 3 days after the day of purchase saying my package would reach me today. Isn't that cool? A couple of hours later, the delivery person was at my doorstep.

My order was neatly packed and wrapped with bubble wrap. I love clean packaging and Jabong surely is a pro at it! :)

This experience was so much easy and fun without having to go through any hassles of regular mundane shopping. So here on, Jabong it is ! :) 

Yours' truly,
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  1. Hmmm, my experience with amazon has been satisfying, will try jabong too :)