August 20, 2014

Book Review : Rise of the Sun Prince

Title: Rise of the Sun Prince (Ramayana: The Game of Life - Book 1)
Author: Shubha Vilas
Place: India 
Publisher: Jaico Publication House 
Publication Date: 2014
Genre: Mythology
Edition: 2014 
Pages: 252 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-81-8495-530-9

Goodreads blurb - Here

My thoughts - 
First of all, I have to admit that I was completely mesmerized by the front cover of this book. Kudos to the artist for the cover illustration. I was left gaping at the masterpiece observing the vibrant colors, the depiction of the scene and expressions of the characters. Every subtle nuance has been captured so beautifully that you never wish to shift your gaze. To add to it - the way Lord Rama's lotus eyes and the look of sheer determination in them has been accurately envisioned by the artist to match the author's words is commendable. For once, I felt it right to judge the book by its cover.

Moving on to the book, remember how we have come across the story of Ramayana time and again since childhood of how Lord Rama kills Ravana and rescues Sita? Well, I would say that was only one percent of the entire book. 

With this book be ready to experience the real story of Ramayana. Being the first book of a series, this book takes us on a never-before journey to reveal the characters and their stories. The reason why this legendary epic was written, the reason why Valmiki turned out to be the chosen one to write this epic, the history of the kingdom of Ayodhya and its ruler - Dasaratha, the great tales of bravery, compassion, kingship and beyond.

What's different about this book is how every character, instance and situation relates to our present day. Never before did I read the epic to understand and find answers to my life. The author enlightens us with elaborate descriptions to shift our focus from the situation in hand to reveal an underlying way of better living. It helps us to identify ourselves and adorn a clearer perspective towards life.

At many points while reading, I stopped to ponder and ask questions about a particular character or situation. Enter the footnotes. The footnotes at the end of the pages answered my questions in mind-boggling ways.

When it comes to the characters, I experienced Dasaratha’s pain and rejoiced in his happiness as the story progressed. Thanks to the flawless depiction of relationships. The author perfectly portrays the father’s love, care and concern for his son and a teacher’s eye for talent in his disciple. The comparison of perspectives – one for love and attachment and the other for duty made me twirl as my mind transported to the era when unfulfilled commands weren’t merely brushed off instead they were came with free curses.

The only showdown for me was few missing pages from the book. That’s right. My copy of the author-autographed book seemed to miss 8 pages towards the end of the book and that dampened my spirits since I didn’t want to miss the continuity of the narration. Nevertheless, I won’t let that affect the rating since that would be like eating a delicious, sumptuous banquet and not thank the chef.

The glossary describing the 24 qualities of a complete hero reminded me that we are imperfect beings who reside in an imperfect world. We need constant reminders to align ourselves internally and externally so as to conduct ourselves with utmost poise and accuracy.

My rating for this book stands at a perfect 5/5. J

I completely read the book and I was happy to have encountered this version of the epic in addition to what I already knew.

Go ahead and read this book. Indulge yourself in those magical times !

Thank you Shri Shubha Vilas and BlogAdda for this magical book. 

This book gave me countless quotes of wisdom. Here I enlist, however, just a few - 

"Nature of attachment is such that the mind justifies our attachment and hides our weakness."

"The longer you struggle to get something you are attached to, the more painful is the fear of it's loss."

"Dasaratha loved Rama, but Vishwamitra knew Rama."

"Celebration means sharing your joy making other people happy."

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