December 20, 2014

It's that time of the year again...

... when I trail off into a circle of excuses for not being much active in this space. 

Why? What did you think I was going to say - Christmas ?!?

On the onset, let me tell you how crazy this year has been. I know its the same excuse remodeled in a new fashion every single time but I can't help it, you know. :P

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If taking care of a 3-month old baby, managing a home and blogging on the side was hectic, then let me introduce you to a whole new level of BUSY. Add a 7-month vacation to India (Yes, it's still called a vacation :P), a growing infant, being in the best other city of the world (other than New York City) according to me - "Mumbai", family time, outings, and a string of Must-Do, Have-To-Do items on the list and countless other responsibilities (Phew!), it has been a roller coaster ride, I tell you...

Nevertheless, I still managed to squeeze in a couple of book reviews, a month long blogathon and some random posts in this interim.

I returned to the US in October and while things are pretty much in control with a 15-month old toddler, the "crazy times" still persist. :)

Not to worry, I have been stalking all you wonderful bloggers and the lack of being able to comment on every single post upsets me.

So I will definitely squeeze in a few more posts before the end of this year (time and baby permitting).

Tell me, how've you been ? :)

Yours' truly,
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  1. Hey! Hope 2015 become more eventful. Seems like it was a never boring year for you.
    Best wishes for 2015:)