August 6, 2016



“I want it to be perfect. It obviously has to be.” 

If any far-fetched soul ever thought about writing my autobiography, then this is what the title of the book would read.

I have literally chased perfection all my life. Well, at least 30 of them. Every time a new life-changing chapter begins or an occasion needs planning that’s just around the corner, I would go off on a trip of my own. I always had this constant urge to be the best. I enthralled at the thought of the meticulous arrangement of doing stuff and even dreamt of how it turned out in my head - ‘perfectly’. Every milestone had to be complete, as per me.

But life chose otherwise. No matter, how hard I tried, I would never be happy with how it turned out. My ‘perfect-in-my -head’ scenario would always finish as ‘not-so-perfect’. 

And then one day, I gave up and sat back. I tried not to make it look so hard. Why did I believe that ‘perfection meant everything’? What was with all this wishful thinking ?

Because you know what ? I loved how life turned out to be. Just the way it was. Beautiful, normal, and not-so-perfect.

I enjoyed the fact that life could be lived to its fullest with raw edges and bumpy roads too. In the end, it’s what your personal definition of perfection means. And that’s what really counts.

Is it just me or do we all initially crave for that satisfaction of a perfect wedding, perfect birthday, perfect home or just a perfect evening ? 

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Yours' truly,

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  1. Don't ask me... I am never the one who is striving for perfection ;) I can't handle all that stress that it leads to. And it tends to make people grumpy too. Glad you are taking it easy now. Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. So why anything else has to be. Alright I no see why I can't become a scientist ;)