May 29, 2012

Swamped ...

... with work, that is. It's been over a month and a half, and I still can't find the time to blog :(

Take a look at some of the developments around me -

1) All of a sudden, work increased ten-fold and deadlines cropped up from everywhere. Still on with the same pace, it just refuses to simmer down. As my friend, A, rightly said - "Work is a necessary evil" ;)

2) I need to complete 3 projects in parallel having the same priority which is HIGH, HIGH and VERY HIGH !

3) A family wedding is in the offing by the end of this year. So a trip to India is on the cards. :))

4) LP relocated to Green Bay, Wisconsin for a new assignment. And yes, he's there and I'm here. :((

5) After all the house chores that is - cooking, washing, lazing around, reading and sleeping, I still have time left to ... WORK ! :-p

6) Weekends seem to fly by at lightning speed. I just remember the last weekend, being a long one, creeping slowly towards Friday night and it's already end of day - Tuesday :-0

7) Books lay stacked up on my nightstand waiting to be picked up and read. I had to reduce my Reading Challenge for 2012 from 20 books to 10, after looking at my monotonous life .... Sigh !

8) Plans with friends is the only thing that keeps me motivated through this busy schedule but points 5) and 6) ensure that time flies....

Here's hoping and praying that this is a temporary phase.
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  1. Good you found time to post something.. its better than nothing..
    and for "Main Yahan tu wahan" :(

  2. Dont worry , am sure its just a phase ....It will be all ok :)