April 2, 2012

And I survived ... Happy "1st" year !!!

I made it. Yippeee..... Three cheers for me... Hip hip hurray !

Why am I so ecstatic ? Well, obviously, I never knew I would live to see this day. Considering my other counterparts disappeared into thin air within 6 months, this is the longest I have survived. :-D

Hi, I am "Life... As it is" - GR's blog. It's time for an author change for today 'coz today is "MY DAY" !!!

This last year has been the best - I had a nice time staying around, getting posted on a regular basis, getting a new theme and colours, new fonts and most of all - a great viewership. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading me as much as GR loved writing here... Thanks and see you around ! :)

Life is worship - No journey is complete without God,
Life is companionship - Everybody has a special someone in their heart,
Life is full of roses - We just need to take the time to see and smell them,
Life is a festival - Celebrate and savor every little moment,
Life is a dance - Indulge in your passion,
Life is a bright morning - Everyday has a new challenge,
Life is nature - It's pure, beautiful and real in form 
Life is... As it is ! 
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