January 20, 2012

Foto Fridays - Week 1

Here comes a new line of weekly posts ...... 

**Plays trumpets & drum rolls** 

"Foto Fridays". Cool na? :) 

I love taking snaps. It captures the moment in the best manner. I have an external hard disk filled with photographs as early as 2005. It is sheer bliss watching the old memories as there are numerous joys and tears in every snap.

Now I am not a professional photographer but I believe, my picture can speak a thousand words. (It's also an easier trick for me to escape writing those long posts which nobody reads anyways ;-p)   

The first snap this week is an interest I wanted to start a long time ago. Better late than never, I guess. My raw materials are finally ready - Acrylic paints, brush set, color palette, blank sheet, a pen, tissue and water. 

Now I wonder what my first project is going to be... hmmm ! ..... 
Painting - A long lost hobby

Another one from the collection, this snap goes on to show how the Life Partner (LP) and I are constant companions of work all the time. 
How many laptops is "too many" laptops?

To the extreme left, you see the LP's work laptop, to the right you see my work laptop and the center one is the personal laptop (a.k.a. the internet station, junk download spot, music zone, mini theatre, blog machine etc... etc... You get the picture right.... ;-p Oh.. Special mention - Notice the LP on the desktop strumming his guitar ;-) Ain't "I" a lovey dovey wifey? :-D )

So, as my caption mentions, how many laptops do you think is "too many" laptops? :-D
 photo Signature2016_zpshf23y4i0.jpg

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