April 2, 2011

Try, try, try until you succeed at ........ BLOGGING !

True ! This being my 3rd & probably the last attempt in creating a blog. Hopeful this time round, of having the patience to maintain it, the energy to flood it with my thoughts, experiences, opinions and most importantly & necessarily - finding the time to write amidst my crazy schedule of work, home, dance etc etc.

My first encounter of an actual blog was over 5 years ago when I had just started working soon after college. A junior in college happened to chat with me online and requested me read his blog. Pardon me my lack of knowledge at that time, but I was confused and didnt understand what he meant. I waited patiently for him to explain ... till he pinged back with a web link. Unsure of what to do next, I replied - "Sure" and thought that that was probably it. Until he again pinged and asked me to give him feedback of what I thought of his writing skills. So I clicked away to take a look at his so-called 'blog' and reached a full length page recorded on that day. It took me some time to understand the purpose of writing one's personal views & thoughts on the internet and not just keep it with oneself but share it with friends, family & all.

I did read the junior collegian's blog for a while till I got busy with my other stuff. I again found myself in the same spot a couple of years later when a close office friend kept telling me to read his blog whenever we would speak, chat & blabber. I would always end up promising to read it & then forget. He eventually succeeded one day when he was speaking with me over the office line and emailed me his blog link.

"Right now?" - was my question when he asked me to tell him what I thought of it right away. He said - "Yes please. I want you to read it now." I must admit with his amazing writing skills, anyone would stay hooked to his blog. He inspired me to start a blog of my own.

Knowing the only person who I knew would read my blog, I asked him to read mine as soon as my first post was ready (yes I had resorted to coaxing my friend to read the post during office hours the same way he cajoled me ;-)). And thus I found my first follower.

My first blog didnt survive beyond a month or so due to an onsite work assignment. As I did not have a laptop or a net connection at my beck & call for nearly 6 months, I had long forgotten about my blog. On returning back to India, I did replenish my blog with few posts but that didnt seem to continue for very long either.

Getting back to the same blog again seemed a bit boring to me so VOILA... I ended up creating a new blog couple of years later with a new name, link..... everything new. I even accredited the new-found inspiration to another office colleague whose blog link I happened to read through Facebook. A well-written blog; her blog turned out to be a nice read with positive thoughts & good experiences. However, my 2nd blog also ceased to exist post December last year.

A new resolution, a new thought in a new year - one of my New Year's resolutions was to record atleast 1 exciting thought that I encounter every week in a blog. While I had the excitement & enthusiasm to kick-start the 3rd blog right away, God & my laptop had thoughts of their own. And so one fine day, my laptop decides that maybe it should not start everytime I switch on the device & that it should probably take its own call making my life harder. 3 months down into the year and what was originally supposed to start with a New Year thought has now started with a new quarter beginning & a new laptop ! ;)

Oh well, better late than never ! Welcome to the 3rd blog I am writing. Definitely intend to keep this one going for some time. Will I be successful 3rd time round?

Hmmm..... Going by the famous proverb and by a third trial, I am surely headed towards success ! :-)
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